Friday, September 15, 2006

Wednesday Night 'Cross Practice

Once again Rutgers Cycling is hosting the Central NJ CX practices on Livingston campus.

We're two weeks into the practices, and things are looking good. Wednesday night, Jay, Charlie and I from RU and Craig, Ralf, Harold, and Chris from the Hermes all came out for two sets of eye-bleeding efforts.

Over the course of the past three years, these practices have gone from a "go your own pace" training ride to an all-out training race. The crew that is coming out regularly is so even that in addition to get in efforts, we're working on race tactics and riding in a group. It's phenomenal.

On the Rutgers front, Charlie and Jay are looking good. Jay is perhaps in the best shape of his life and putting out some excellent efforts on the course. Charlie's fitness increases week to week, and he'll be ready to throw down by the time the Mid-Atlantic series begins on October 21st at Granogue. I'm continuing to see some steady improvement, and I'm hoping for a good season.

In due time the rest of the RU cross crew will make its way out to practice. Don is stuck in class, Blake is building his bike, Ted is building his bike, and some of the new folks are still trying to find Livingston...

The team has a wealth of races to choose from this season. With the new NJ Cyclo-Cross Cup Series, Rutgers will be looking to dominate on home turf. With three podiums in the NJ cross championships in the past two years, Rutgers is poised to continue its local success in this series.

RU will also continue to compete in the Verge Mid-Atlantic Series which featured incredible performances by the team throughout the season, including Don taking 2nd overall in the C category.

Additionally, Rutgers riders will be again travelling throughout the northeast to compete in the Verge New England series and non-series races in Long Island.

Finally, the big goal again for the season is Cyclo-Cross Nationals with Rutgers in the hunt for a spot on the collegiate omnium podium.

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Don said...

i like that... "in due time, everyone will get to practice. blake and ted have a temporary problem, some people just don't know where practice is yet, and don has a class that will stop meeting right around nationals"

i miss practice