Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rutgers Classic

The entire East Coast is abuzz. Anticipation is mounting. The tension is so thick, you could cut it with a bladed spoke.

This weekend is the season opener, the Rutgers Classic, held on the banks of our own beloved Raritan River. The men and women of Rutgers, fresh from glorious victory on the mud (and sand and dirt and grass) of ECCC cyclocross, are donning their Scarlet Kits once more.

Teams from as close as NJIT and as far as Maine will be rolling into town this weekend, eager to test their mettle. The roads will be full of such adversaries, battling each other as well as the infamous winds of the Raritan Valley.

With a number of Podium finishes, including a win from Brian in the Road Race, Rutgers has set the bar pretty high for itself. Also daunting are the sheer numbers from last year's race, with record-setting attendance making Rutgers the biggest collegiate criterium ever.

Will this weekend be a smashing success? Or will it be a warm-up for 'cross season? Stay tuned for race reports ... or come out this Saturday and Sunday to support the team!