Thursday, March 04, 2010

Getting Race Ready

While all the A racing men on the team have been spending hours gluing tubulars and spending even more time talking about various bike components and how much they have to do before races (you know who you are, and I love you all anyway), I keep things a bit simpler. Admittedly, it was out of necessity, on the grounds that I don't have any tubulars, but nonetheless...

I was thinking about being a new racer last year, trying to get ready to head off to the first race, and realizing that I had know idea what I needed to bring. So, for those of you who are mildly confused about what to pack, I made a list of the important things that everyone should bring to the races. So, enjoy, and of course, feel free to add anything I've forgotten in the comments!

For The Races:
1. license!!
2. race receipt from when you registered
3. photo ID- school or driver's license, whatever
4. cash monies!
5. bike (with tires pumped and chain lubed)
6. bike shoes
7. spare tubes, whatever bike repair stuff you may want to bring
8. race clothes- skinsuit, bib and jersey, whatever
9. socks for racing
10. food! this includes Gu's and everything for racing, as well as food for breakfast/lunch in case there's nothing around
11. water bottles (for regular drinking, for racing, and premixed with Gu2o or Heed or whatever you use)
12. ipod, cell phone, camera, etc.
13. sunglasses for racing
14. helmet
15. "street clothes" including (don't forget!) underwear, extra socks, and extra shoes
16. warm jacket (even if it's supposed to be warm out, it's often useful)
17. towel (can be used as a changing skirt!)
18. homework! we are students and there is a lot of down time between races...
19. gloves for racing
20. gloves and hat for after races
21. toilet paper or tissues (they run out in the portapotties a lot, so it's best to BYOTP)
22. WEATHER: is it going to rain or snow? bring galoshes, raincoat, umbrella, anything to keep dry!

Multiple Day Races (with overnight)
1. sleeping bag
2. toiletries
3. towel (hotels and host houses rarely have enough)
4. pjs
5. any extra clothing you might need
6. cell phone charger (seriously, it's super helpful, I've had to buy them at 2 different races because my phone died)
7. extra race kit for day #2