Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rutgers CX on Cyclocrossworld.com


Rutgers 'cross got a nice little blurb on Cyclocrossworld.com today

Rudy Project to Supply Helmets and Eyewear to Rutgers Cycling

Rutgers Cycling is proud to announce that Rudy Project will be the official supplier of helmets and eyewear to the team for the next two seasons.

Rudy Project sunglasses have long been the choice of Rutgers riders. Here, AngryMark is sporting a pair of Rudy Ekynox sunglasses at the Westwood Velo Cyclocross Race

Rudy Project makes some of the finest looking and performing sunglasses and helmets in its Italian factory.

Long before Rudy Project partnered up with Rutgers Cycling, Rudy Project sunglasses were the choice of many Rutgers Cycling riders, and we are excited to have a two-year relationship with Rudy that will enable the entire team to ride and race stylishly and safely.

Blake, too, sports a pair of Rudy Rydons at Baystate Cyclocross.

Rudy Project joins a long list of supporters for the 2007-08 season including: Efinger Sporting Goods, Accelerade/Endurox Nutrition Products, Specialized Bicycles, Ritchey Components, Cycle-Smart Coaching, Maul Electric, Inc., The Schwartz Family, and Verge Sport.

Please support those who support Rutgers Cycling!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Specialized and Ritchey Sign on with Rutgers Cycling!

Rutgers Cycling is pleased to announce that Specialized will be the team bike and frame sponsor for both the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons. With this two-year sponsorship, Rutgers riders will be riding some of the finest carbon fiber road and mountain bikes available.

Some of the team were lucky enough to ride the 2008 Specialized line at a Specialized Demo Day sponsored by Efinger Sporting Goods and left with their jaws on the floor after riding the Tarmac SL2 and S-Works Tricross.

In addition to bringing on board a bicycle sponsor, Rutgers Cycling is also very excited to announce a component sponsorship with Ritchey! Ritchey makes some of the finest handlebars, stems, seatposts, and wheels available (and has for over 20 years). Rutgers Cycling is very excited to be riding such high quality equipment for the 2007-2008 season.

Friday, September 07, 2007

So You Want to Join Rutgers Cycling

We had our first team meeting on Wednesday. Approximately 20% of the Western Hemisphere was in attendance. There were more new riders than returning riders... and our team was already bigger than ever.

Will, attempting to photograph the meeting, failed. He later said, "I’ll need to get a fish eye lens if the team gets to be this big". Here is his best effort to get everyone in the same shot:
Yes, this is a good thing. The team's size is spiraling out of control, but it's spiraling in the general direction of awesomeness.

Still, I feel that I should inform all of my new teammates that you're in for more than you may realize.

I understand why you joined the team. Who can blame you? There is an undeniable glamor in associating with Rutgers Cycling.
And who doesn't like winning?

As a team member, you'll travel throughout the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, seeing sights that you don't ever get to see in Central Jersey.

Most importantly, you'll be part of a well-oiled machine, a veritable juggernaut of teamwork and go-fast-itude.
However, I simply must warn you that beneath this sexy scarlet spandex surface lies a murky history of hard-work and suffering and also more spandex.

First of all, I hope you like mud. I don't mean "oops, I got some road grime on my white shoe-covers" mud. I mean mud.

You'll find that 90% of going fast is training (the other 10% is coordinating your jersey, shorts, handlebar tape, and cable caps). And training means staring at your friends' derrières for hours at a time. For example, Jenks' booty.However, recovery is the most important part of training and racing. The best way to recover is to sleep. Sleep whenever you can. Sleep, but know that you're running the risk of amusing your teammates, and therefore the entire blogosphere.
Once you're old enough, you'll be able to participate in our weekly Karaoke excursions. I just hope you'll have enough style to keep up.
In fact, style will be an important part of your life as a Rutgers Cyclist.
You'll need style in your post-race street-clothes...
...almost as much as you'll need to be stylish in your uniform.

Welcome to the team.