Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rutgers Cycling Superprestige #1

Wednesday night marked the kick-off of the newest Rutgers Cycling jersey competition: the Rutgers Cycling Cyclocross Superprestige Series.

This points series is contested over the course of the season during the Wednesday night 'cross workouts.

We started the first round off with a bang.

The usual RU 'cross crew of Jay, Charlie, and I came out with special guests Don and Blake both free from class. With five on the line and points only going three deep, sparks were gonna fly.

For the first interval RU Cycling advisor Andy set a blistering pace at the start to get the hole shot. The rest of the group eventually came together and rode steady until the dreaded off-camber section by the volleyball court. I came into it right behind HermesCraig to find Charlie and HermesRalf sprawled on top of each other... crash-o-rama.

I took this as an opportunity to attack.

I set a hard tempo and killed it going into the barriers. Once I hit the road, I decided to let Charlie latch on and do some pace making. We rode together for half a lap until I popped off the back. No warm up will do that to you sometimes.

Okay, I'll settle for 2nd to Charlie.

Going into the barriers, I notice a very stealthy Don has latched onto my wheel. Like a ninja, he came around me at the barriers and that was the last I saw of him. Don not only dropped me, but caught and dropped Charlie and then held off HermesRalf for almost the entire interval!!!

For the points, Don rolled in for first (7), Chaz for 2nd (5), Mark for 3rd (3).

Round 2 came around and Charlie made the unfortunate discovery that one of his spokes had ceased to be affixed to his rim. He decided to pack in it rather than risk taco'ing his wheel. Blake headed off to class.

Then there were three...

The "whistle" blows, and I go out hard to get the hole shot. I lead all the way past the volley ball court and into the back section before Ralf comes around me. I look back and there's a pretty good gap between Don and I. I hammer on the flat leading into the barriers and who is on my wheel? NinjaDon. Don attacks, I counter to lead into the barriers. I panic a little when my foot re-clips into the left pedal and I hesitate over the barriers. Don is on his bike and leads into the off-camber telephone pole section.

Then, well, Don fell on his head. Okay, actually, he fell on his butt. Hard.

I checked to make sure NinjaDon was okay and then drilled it.

I spent the rest of the interval futily trying to close the gap between Ralf and I while looking over my shoulder to make sure NinjaDon wasn't on my wheel and Jay was far enough back.

I rolled in for 2nd behind Ralf, first in the points (8). Jay took 2nd in the points (6). Don DNF (0). Am I missing any RU guys here? Lemme know.

For round one of the RU Superprestige, the points standings are as follows:
Mark 11
Don 7
Jay 6
Charlie 5

This week, I got the leader's jersey. I'm going to sleep in it. I might have my bike painted to match it. It's hott.

The Superprestige series continues next Wednesday with a 5:30 start time. Can I hang onto the leader's jersey? Well, Don won't be there, so maybe.


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