Monday, February 22, 2010

Road Season is (Almost) Upon Us!

Road season is less than two weeks away, which means weekend centuries when the weather is good, and epic (and sweaty) basement trainer rides when the snow is piled too high.

However, it takes more than snow to keep RU Cycling inside! When we got hit with "snowmeggedon" a couple weeks ago, rather than staying inside with hot cocoa and enjoying the day off, we did this:
OK, so we didn't stay up a whole lot during the ride. But who could in a foot of super hard to get through snow? At least we tried...

Speaking of photographic evidence, check out our ECCC Cyclocross podium back in December in Rhode Island, courtesy of Paul Weiss:
Marcos Picchio, Matt Bathe, Mark Vareschi, Charlie Thompson, Pat Bradley, Molly Hurford
(We're missing a couple of teammates that couldn't make it to NBX, but a lot of us are here!)

This season should be an exciting one. With new officers for the team and a lot of new racers, it's going to be an eventful season. Bring on the training rides, the weight sets (my legs may fall off if I do any more leg presses or calf extensions), and the interval work. Bring on the aching muscles, the recovery rides, the race recaps that inevitably point out how I could have done better, the road rash, and the bruises.

Bring on the fun!