Monday, June 23, 2008

Rubber Side Up - Neshaminy Race Report

photo by Don

This Sunday was the Neshaminy MTB race, part of the Mid Atlantic Super Series. It was also my birthday! Jay and I drove down to Langhorne, PA, for the latest installment in our amicable rivalry.

photo by Todd Strauss

This report will be short, because there isn't much to tell. Neither of us felt particularly fast, and neither of us started particularly well. Jay was in 4th or 5th wheel going into the woods, and I'd moved from 15th up to 6th. I passed him at the end of the 2-mile "prologue" lap, and some dudes with geared bikes were able to get past him when we crossed a field, so he was a few riders behind me going into a relatively simple log obstacle.

photo by Todd Strauss

The guy in front of Jay bobbled. One thing led to another. Jay landed on his shoulder and leg and head.

About an hour later, I was by myself in the middle of nowhere, on totally smooth trail. Somehow, while setting up for a corner, I went over the handlebars. It will never make sense to me. They don't call me "the Ninja" for nothing, though, and I rolled as I hit the ground...

...and then my bottom bracket hit me in the face.

I ran over my own face. Didn't think that was possible, did ya?

photo by Todd Strauss

Jay and I finished the race about 1 minute apart, placed 11th and 13th (at least according to the official results). Bloodied and bruised, we were just glad it had ended.

photo by Jay

Next up for Jay is the 24 Hours of Allamuchy, teamed up with Captain Chaz and other friends. Next up for me is a return to road racing, sweet sweet road racing.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2007-2008 Team Photo

We're once again proud to present the 2007-2008 Rutgers University Cycling team.

(left to right: Tom, Anthony, Matt, Diane, Aaron, Chris, Mark, Christian, Don, Charlie, Andy (advisor), Joe, Rich, Andy, Will, Rob, and Charlie)

We look forward to a successful summer road season and another amazing cyclocross season in Fall 2008! Thank you all for your continued support.