Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tour of somerville

not much to report, since rutgers didn't have any racers. we did, however, have a bunch of spectators. decked out in jerseys (which are as stylish off the bike as they are on), mark, jay, rob, blake, ted, alicia, mike, scott, jen, and i were there to represent the team.

we hung out at the colavita bbq tent, where we got to meet a bunch of junior racers, including steve, who will be joining the rutgers team this coming year. at the encouragement of the colavita parents, we also ate a lot of food.

during the women's race, we decided that the rutgers team's presence, while larger than usual, could be boosted by a little bit of love from the announcer. a few minutes later, we'd pooled enough to have the first ever (as far as i know) "Rutgers Cycling Prime" during the pro women's race. our prime's sprint was taken by Sarah Tillotson of the Colavita/Cooking Light team, teammate of the overall winner Tina Pic.

Don, Sarah Tillotson, Rob, Ted, Mark, Melissa Holt, and Sima Trapp

it was really fun to hang out with the colavita people all day... it meant that we were able to hang out with juniors, eat food, meet the Rutgers Prime winner and her teammates, and cheer for a Men's Pro rider in the day's main breakaway. We also cheered for (and apparently surprised) Adam Hodges-Myerson, our team's coaching sponsor, who pulled off an exciting top-10 finish.

while walking around after the race, we also encountered a family of rutgers supporters. the parents were rutgers alumni, and the kids, aged 5 and 7, thought we were rock stars. don't believe us? photographic evidence will be uploaded as it becomes available.

expect more race results as the summer continues, as mike and jay try to survive a 12-hr mtb race and mark becomes a stage racer.

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Mark said...

The crop job on the photo makes me look tall and skinny. Sweet!

Nice entry Don!