Sunday, June 04, 2006

Corner House GP - Princeton, NJ

While Jay and Mike were suffering in the rain for the 12 o' Muchy at Allamuchy State Park yesterday (race report forthcoming), Will and Mark were suffering for much less time in the Corner House Grand Prix in Princeton cheered on by Rutgers racer and supafan Brandi.

Coming off a successful Somerville weekend, Will and Mark were pumped to do the 4/5 race despite the ominous clouds. The race started fast with a WBI Investments rider hammering off the front at the whistle. Mark gave chase after struggling to get in his pedal. After the first corner (a slick downhill corner with lots of paint) everything came together but the pace never slowed. Will and Mark rode well in the front group as people fell off and selections were made half way through the race. With two to go, Mark popped off the back of the front group and was left to chase solo. Will hung tough on a course that suited him and finished 12th just a little of the front group. Mark rolled in for 19th.

Looking at the results list, it looked like a collegiate race with Rutgers, Bucknell, Columbia, and Princeton all represented in the top 20.

In the coming weeks, look for more mtb results, race reports from Mark's great New England adventure, and building excitement for the 2006 season debut of the RU Cyclocross Team at 'Cross under the Lights on August 11. Just because classes are out doesn't mean Rutgers isn't racing!

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