Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sprint Jersey Competition 3-14-06

The sprint jersey leaderboard saw a big shake-up today during the second Corn-Rows and Painted-Toes workout (so named for reasons I can barely even remember). Despite a valiant effort, last week's jersey-wearer Jay had to give it up to the well-rested powerhouse Alessandro.

Honestly, the judges (specifically, me) were too far behind the action to see who won each sprint. It could have been angry-faced Mark, and it might have been "I ran out of gears" Will, who was recovering in a bigger gear than most people sprint in. However, both conceded that it was Alessandro, who reportedly skipped the UPenn/Drexel races just to be fresh for this sprint jersey competition, that took the majority (all?) of the sprints.

Wednesday's ride will determine the leader of the King of the Mountain (KOM) competition.

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