Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sorry for the hiatus in race reports. Have no fear. RU Cycling has been in action.

Last weekend, Rutgers headed to races at Lehigh and Bucknell,

Joe gives us this brief report from the Lehigh mountain top criterium:

"Overall: cloudy, drizzly rain, small turnout early. Notorious hill course with about 3 to 4 minute laps.
Mens D: Joe D. and Dave K. competed in a field of only 18 D1 racers. Hilly couse, spent half the time climing and the other half racing downhill, with only about 20 seconds of rest on the top flat. Joe picked up one prime and finished 2nd.
Mens C: Ted C. and Don F., C field of 45-50.
Strong emphasis on racing clinic. Offered at the end of most races. [Target Training] offered one lab coached with commentary and a seminar about tactics.

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