Wednesday, March 15, 2006

break out the polka dots

Earlier this morning, 4 riders (Alessandro, Jay, Will, and myself) met for an intense 1.5 hours of riding. Having softened our legs yesterday, the Scarlet Train chose Washington Rd as the location for our repeats, because we're crazy like that. The competition was immediately fast and furious, with Will pushing his big ring at 10 mph for a while (although he claims that this was just to mess with our heads).

Since we'd confined ourselves to one 0.8 km stretch, there wasn't any need to regroup at the top or bottom of the climb. However, our official USCF timekeepers never showed up, and so we don't know who was ascending the fastest. Thus, judges had to make inferences in order to award the KOM jersey. Based on their (my) experience riding with the team, they are (I am) awarding the jersey to ... Charlie Florek.

That's right, even though Charlie didn't even show up to today's ride (because he's too cool for slick tires and gears), he was most likely single-speeding up vertical walls at Chimney Rock or doing something silly like that. It's safe to assume that Charlie was the sickest climber today, so Charlie gets the polka dot jersey. If it turns out that Charlie didn't even ride today, judges will award the jersey to either Mark (because with an angry face like that, anything is possible) or Rosener (who probably would've seen a bird look at him funny, gotten really aggro, and put out 2000 watts chasing it down). These are complete generalizations, of course, but who cares, I'm the self-appointed judge.

I'll see you all at Grant's Tomb, hopefully we'll have recovered by then.

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