Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Victory at Iron Hill!

Rutgers Cycling brings home another Mid-Atlantic Super Series victory.

Charlie brings us this race report:

"Jay, Mike, and I headed out to Iron Hill near Newark, DE for a great
race on Sunday. The course was alot of fun with some rocks, alot of
loose stuff in the tight turns, and some fast decents and even a jump
or two. The course was well marked and in great shape, making for a
very enjoyable race. A prologue lap + 3 was the menue for the day.

The prologue and first lap was a great time to get your lungs FULL of
dust from the loose stuff and we had a good time finding some of the
surprises lurking around the sharp bends. Things opened up for the
second lap and I started turning it up (I was in fifth or so, playing
my usual start slow and wind it up strategy). I started feeling
really good as I started pulling riders back behind my wheels. Jay
had put in a big effort at this point and by the end of that lap he
had gone too far into the red and had to retire. Meanwhile,
Mike 'hopped-up-on-redbull' Phelan was crashing hard from the peak-y energy drink effects. Oh yeah, and he forgot to drink water due to his X-treme buzz. As a result, he had to pull over and try to catch up on hydration, but he definitely got back into it...

In the last lap, I had passed everyone (though I thought there were
still a rider or two ahead of me). I kept pushing and put 3:00 on
the field, obtaining the best overall time for sport class. Mike got
his act back together and finished a very strong 7th in Sport Single
Speed, now wanting to work on his descents where he lost some time.

All in all, I think we each learned something about our riding, and I
am amazed at our body's adaptability, being that I just started
getting back on the bike 3 weeks ago.


Congratulations to Charlie, Jay, and Mike! The results just keep on coming.

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