Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quick Little Story

I did a solo training ride the other day, just hill repeats to failure (and fail I did!). On the way there, rolling through Bound Brook completely decked out in the Rutgers University kit, I passed by a middle aged couple sitting on the stoop of a townhouse. Suddenly the lady shouted at me, "hey, Rutgers! you want water?!?"

"No, thanks! Got plenty!" I shouted back, then continued on my merry way.

45 minutes (and 6 miles) later, I was limping back home. As I passed by the middle aged couple again, the lady shouted, "hey, Rutgers! you want a burger?!?". And man, I could smell 'em being BBQed... temptation!

"No, thanks! Gotta get home!" I shouted back, possibly making a bad decision (who doesn't like free burgers?)

It's cool being called "Rutgers"... I am a fan of our kits.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Dude, you win. The best I've ever gotten is "Wow! Look at that guy."

I think they dug my silky smoove legs.