Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a weekend!

Wow! Rutgers did an awful lot of racing this weekend.

On the road front, Lori and Dan headed up to the legendary Boston Beanpot Classic. In the crit, Lori once again had a heck of a ride to finish 5th. In the road race, she put in another great ride to finish 11th. Dan put in a brave ride in the road race to finish 48th.

In the dirt, the Rutgers mountain bike team tested its endurance and cold weather toughness at Kittatinny State Park at Team Bulldog's Running of the Dogs. Cold rain greeted the 9 deep RU crew. Early on rain turned to sleet. The sleet gave way to snow. Mechanicals were the order of the day as Ted lost his derailleur in the mud and snow, Mike lost his brakes, Jay lost his brakes, Alicia lost her brakes, Dave lost his brakes. Charlie rocked out 5 laps on the single speed. Alessandro did so many he lost count. Alicia and Mark finished 2nd in the coed beginner category with 2 laps. Dave put in an impressive 3 laps. Mark was so smitten with the course he took an extra lap.

Dave and Ted rode their first mountain bike race in brutal conditions. Way to go!

Biggest thanks on the day go to Don for braving the weather as soigneur extraordinare and he wasn't even racing!

Next weekend RU is in action on the road at Mercyhurst College... featuring a race on a NASCAR track!

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