Saturday, April 22, 2006

Army Day 1 race report

From Chris' race report:

So Brandi, Ted, Dave, and myself headed out to West Point despite
the not so joyous weather conditions. We all finally got there
around 9ish and set up our trainers in what we thought was a primo
spot, which turned out to be right in the cross wind of the spot-a-
pot. After The TTT, and a hour delay on all of our starts, we were
ready to get going. As it turned out all races were cut by one lap
of the 14 mile loop, accept for the C's, I think they were scheduled
for 2 laps and I know they did 2 laps. To prevent any headlines in
tomorrows paper reading, "Mass Death of Beginner Cyclists on Hill at
West Point" the Men's D and C racers, as well as the women's B
racers, had to take the dreaded downhill behind a pace car going a
blazing 10 mph, this was possibly harder than actually taking the
hill at speed, but did prevent any accidents. So after the downhill,
we began the climb back up and then endured the rolling hills of
West Point. All and all, we fared pretty well, keeping to the
rutgers motto, "We may not always come in first, but we never come
in last". The best result of the day was ted, taking home 38th in
the C's (he did it for his mommy!!!). Dave was around the middle of
the D pack with 49th place, Brandi also did very well in women B's,
although I don't know here exact place (sorry brandi), and I
finished 57th, after crashing due to massive crampage in my legs, I
forgot my banana this morining (damn bananas!!!!). After we changed,
ate some awesome vegitarian chillie made by ted's parents, who rock,
with a very cold team from Hamilton, and watched an awesome sprint
finish by a huge group of B riders, we decided we better head home,
which was probably wise since we had no place to stay tonight.

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