Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rutgers Cycling and Raleigh Team Up for 2010 Cyclocross Season

(photo: David Wilson)

Rutgers Cycling is excited to announce Raleigh Bicycles as its co-sponsor for the 2010 cyclocross season. Rutgers University-Raleigh Cycling Team will be riding the all-new 2011 Raleigh Rx 1.0 cyclocross bikes and framesets in their campaign to win a fifth-straight Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference cyclocross championship and a National Championship at US Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, OR.

The team will be led by junior Patrick Bradley, whose palmares include 6th place at Collegiate Cyclocross Nationals at the 2009 US Cyclocross National Championships and the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series U23 series title.

Returning to the team will be junior Marcos Picchio, seniors Matt Bathe and Charles Thompson, and graduate students Molly Hurford, Will Cukierski, and racer and team director, Mark Vareschi.

“We’re very happy that we haven’t lost too many racers this year,” Vareschi said, “and as the season starts, we always bring in new riders who realize just how cool ‘cross is. We plan on racing at least fifteen riders over the course of the season.”

“Raleigh Bicycles is excited to be partnering this cross season with Rutgers Cycling,” said enthusiastic Raleigh Marketing Director Brian Fornes.

“We look forward to growing this relationship and utilizing their valuable racer feedback on current and future cross bikes we will be producing. We’re even more excited about the level of commitment, and friendly, fun attitude that the Rutgers Cycling program brings to the sport. They are great ambassadors, and we feel that they will continue to help grow the sport on a local basis and be very competitive on a National level.”

The team will be riding the newly-revamped 2011 Raleigh Rx 1.0 cyclocross bikes. “We are psyched for the Rx 1.0. Last year, it was a killer bike and this year, Raleigh has made it even better” said Vareschi.

The 2011 Raleigh Rx 1.0 (photo: Raleigh Bicycles)

The 2011 bikes feature revised tubing shapes and a BB30 bottom bracket. “For ‘cross, the BB30 is perfect; it allows you to reduce your Q-factor, which is important when you are using road cranksets with mountain bike pedals that typically increase your Q-factor. Our riders will be able to easily transition from the set-ups that they have been riding and racing on the road to their cyclocross bikes. Plus, it’s a lighter system. Light bikes in ‘cross make a difference,” Vareschi said.

Raleigh joins a family of sponsors that will be supporting Rutgers for the 2010 cyclocross season including:

Kim’s Bike Shop – presenting and shop sponsor
Challenge USA – cyclocross tires
Verge Sport – cycling clothing
Ritchey – cockpit components
SRAM – drivetrain components
Cycle-Smart - coaching
Gaerne - cycling shoes
Rudy Project - eyewear
Gu - nutritional products
Rocktape – kinesiology tape
53x11 Coffee – caffeine
Maul Electric, Inc. – financial sponsor
Berkeley Heights and Beyond – financial sponsor

Rutgers-Raleigh Cycling Team Tentative Schedule

11th Nittany Lion Cross UCI C2 – Trexlertown, PA
18th Charm City Cyclocross UCI C2 – Baltimore, MD
19th Charm City Cyclocross UCI C2 – Baltimore, MD
26th Ellison Park Cyclocross UCI C2 – Rochester, NY

2nd Grand Prix of Gloucester UCI C2 – Gloucester, MA
3rd Grand Prix of Gloucester UCI C2 – Gloucester, MA
16th Granogue Cyclocross UCI C2 – Newark, DE
17th Granogue Cyclocross UCI C2 – Newark, DE
23rd Downeast Cyclocross UCI C2 – New Gloucester, ME
24th Downeast Cyclocross UCI C2 – New Gloucester, ME
30th Beacon Cross UCI C2 – Bridgeton, NJ
31st HPCX UCI C2 – Jamesburg, NJ

6th Cycle-Smart International UCI C2 – Northampton, MA
7th Cycle-Smart International UCI C2 – Northampton, MA
20th Super Cross Cup UCI C2 – Southampton, NJ
21st Super Cross Cup UCI C2 – Southampton, NJ
27th Baystate Cyclocross UCI C2 – Sterling, MA
28th Baystate Cyclocross UCI C2 – Sterling, MA

4th NBX Grand Prix UCI C2 – Warwick, RI
5th NBX Grand Prix UCI C2 – Warwick, RI
8-12th USA Cyclocross National Championships, U23 and Collegiate – Bend, OR


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