Saturday, January 14, 2006

Winter Riding

Hey all,
I've been riding consisting throughout December and January and have learned a couple of things:

1. There is a big difference between 30 degrees and 20 degrees. There is not a difference between 50 degrees and 40 degrees. I am devoting the rest of my life to figuring out how this can be possible.

2. No matter how many pairs of socks you wear, dipping your feet in water is not a good idea.

3. If you would like to learn to single speed, ride when it is below freezing and make sure you go through a stream or two. BAM!! Instant single speed due to frozen derailleurs.

4. Riding in snow is the most fun you can have on a bike. Especially if you use a cross bike.

5. Riding on a sheet of ice sucks.

6. Riding a trainer indoors should only be considered if your front door is completely blocked by snow. For every 5 degrees below 25, just add another pair of tights and an extra longsleeve jersey. Apologize to your hands and toes because they are shit out of luck.


P.S. Does anyone want to buy me booties and a thick windproof gloves?

1 comment:

Mark said...

I need me some new booties too.

I want RU Cycling ones!